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It’s time to get serious about storage. Having a 3-2-1 backup strategy is crucial for data protection, and investing in a high-performance NAS with customizable options can help future-proof your storage system. Scott Moore upgrades his home lab hardware, discusses limitations of previous storage, and shares experience with the Synology 1823xs+ NAS.

Video Insights Into My NAS Upgrade

💾 Not having a 3-2-1 backup strategy can be a risky move, as it leaves your data vulnerable to loss if something goes wrong with the hardware.
📦 Unboxing and initial setup of the Synology 1823 XS Plus will be shown in the video, along with the research process that led to the decision.
💾 Upgrading the RAM and adding NVMe drives for caching can significantly improve the performance of the Synology NAS.
🛠️ The multiple ethernet connectors, USB slots, and RAM upgrade options make this NAS unit versatile and customizable for different needs.

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