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Optimizing Software Systems: The Art Of Performance Engineering. Performance engineering is crucial for ensuring efficient, cost-effective, and fast software, especially in mission-critical systems, and it involves anticipating and addressing system performance issues throughout the software development lifecycle.

Andre Bondi discusses performance engineering and the content in his book, “Foundations of Software and System Performance Engineering: Process, Performance Modeling, Requirements, Testing, Scalability, and Practice” With Scott Moore.

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Video Insights About Optimizing Software Systems

πŸ’‘ Performance engineering forces you to think about the performance requirements at each layer of a system and how each outer layer drives the load at an inner layer.
πŸ“Š You can’t look at the average statistics from end to end, you have to look at the ramp up time and whether the system is reaching a steady state.
🎸 Performance engineers should be the rock stars of the company, as they want the same things as the C-level and ensure efficient, cost-effective, and fast software.
🚨 Performance engineering is crucial in mission-critical systems, especially in scenarios like fire alarm systems where quick interventions are necessary.
πŸ“Š Many Computer Science graduates lack basic performance engineering knowledge, but it’s crucial to being able to identify bottlenecks, understand performance requirements, and equip developers with performance hooks to optimize software systems early on.
πŸ’‘Find out the different types of scalability and why each are important.

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