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The Peplink B One offers advanced features and capabilities for improved connectivity and redundancy, making it a valuable investment for home office users who need resilient Internet connections.

This video has my own review, an unboxing of the unit, and a special DISCOUNT CODE of of just for my Youtube channel subscribers.

About The Peplink B One

It packs some Enterprise features into the firmware along with multi-WAN capabilities. That makes it a step above other wireless AP routers in its class.

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Video insights

💰 The Peplink B1 router is a replacement for the popular surf Soho at a very attractive price point of $299.
🚀 The Peplink B One router has the same throughput as the pro series of routers, with one gigabit per second of routing speed.

💡 The Peplink B One Router offers flexibility with multiple LAN and WAN connections, making it future-proof and able to handle high-speed Fusion connections without slowing down.
📶 The advantage of not having an internal Wan modem inside this device is that it’s not going to go obsolete as quickly.
🌐 The real value of the Peplink B One router is in the Peplink ecosystem and firmware / software features including Peplink fusion bonding, WAN smoothing, and WAN relay capability. This makes it a versatile and powerful device for home and small office use.

🌐 The ability to combine multiple connections and use load balancing brings a lot of interesting use cases for the Peplink B One Router.

🌐 The B1 router’s relay mode allows for secure connection to home network from a van or RV, providing flexibility and convenience for users on the go.

📶 You can add a mobile cellular WAN connection with a Peplink Max Adapter using the USB-C port on the front of the B one, enabling cellular connectivity. Compatible Android and hotspot devices can be used as well.

📶 It has the capability to act as a Wi-Fi access point and can support multiple WAN connections, making it a versatile option for small businesses and home offices.

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