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Create a 3-2-1 backup system with Synology NAS and an external USB drive for critical files. Boost Your Synology backup game by adding a USB drive. Here’s my experience with an unboxing and setup of the hardware and software.

This was my experience getting an external USB drive to work as a same-site backup to my existing Synology NAS. Check out this video where I initially set that up.

Video Insights About Using A Synology External Drive

💾 Creating a 3-2-1 backup system is crucial for ensuring the safety of your data in case of a disaster.

💡 Adding an external USB drive to a Synology NAS may seem simple, but compatibility issues can cause backup jobs to fail.

📦 Unboxing and setting up an external hard drive for backup on Synology is a straightforward process, with a handy manual included for those who may need it.

📁 The ability to plug in two 8 terabyte units provides ample storage for backup needs.

💽 Setting up scheduled backups on external USB drives using Hyper Backup can ensure data is backed up every night without errors.

💾 With 16 terabytes of data backed up every night, I’m fully protected in case something happens to my NAS.

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