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Optimizing cloud performance saves resources, money, and reduces environmental impact. Companies are wasting up to 80% of resources that could be reallocated. Performance engineering is crucial for optimizing cloud services and make digital transformation successful. David Linthicum, chief cloud architect at Deloitte, discusses its importance in this interview. 

Show Notes

GUEST: David Linthicum

Key insights Into Optimizing The Cloud

🚀 2024 is the year of the performance engineer for multiple reasons, and it’s time for them to take a more important role in cloud optimization.
🧠 Let’s stop solving these as tactical instances of the problem, making things more complex. Let’s solve it a single time by building a layer of technology on top of everything.
🌐 Cloud providers are recognizing the need for multi-cloud optimization and are starting to work together to create a more interconnected ecosystem, rather than pushing for exclusive use of their own cloud services.
📊 The implementation of a formal methodology and process for cost governance in cloud computing is crucial for tracking spending, identifying under-optimized systems, and moving towards an optimized state.
💸 Based on our survey, companies are wasting 80% of resources that could be reallocated to building innovative systems and taking their business to the next level.
💰 Performance engineering presents a big business opportunity for companies who focus on making changes to improve efficiency and savings.
💭 This should be the year of performance engineering. If we want efficiency and reliability and sustainability that everybody wants, we need to do performance engineering.
🤑 The optimization capabilities and performance of cloud services directly impact the bottom line of a business, making it a crucial discussion at the board level.

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