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The Gartner® Innovation Insight for Performance Engineering Report

Episode: 110
Air Date: 02/07/2023
Title: The Gartner® Performance Engineering Report

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Show Notes

Scott Moore reviews the 2023 Gartner® Innovation Insight for Performance Engineering Report
By Joachim Herschmann, Keith Guttridge, Thomas Murphy

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  1. There is STILL a gross lack of performance engineering skills in the industry. Companies must invest in their team to educate them and skill them up to tackle hard problems
  2. Developers can’t always address the performance issues
  3. Performance testing can’t always address performance issues and tools alone are not the answer
  4. Continuous Performance is the only way to go forward in todays modern application development lifecycle
  5. Gartner now acknowledges performance engineering exists. Now can we start sitting at the big boy table? We should be the CIO’s best friend. We want what they want: Fast, Resilient, Efficient (low cost), and Low Risk. Why aren’t we the rock stars instead of the developers?

“Performance efficiency is one of the most critical operational characteristics of applications that directly reflect software quality and ensure positive user experiences.”


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