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Fluency Security’s real-time analytics and unique approach to SIEM sets them apart from traditional security platforms, allowing for faster detection and response to security threats. Scott Moore interviews the CEO, Chris Jordan.

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Show Notes

GUEST: Chris Jordan

Key insights into Fluency Security

  • 🛡️Fluency Security integrates real-time analytics with security platforms, setting them apart from traditional database-based or data lake-based platforms.
  • 🧩The use of analytical algorithms in security conversations is essential for identifying anomalies and addressing them effectively.
  • 🔒The ability to quarantine a machine on a different network using SIEM is a powerful security feature.
  • 💡The approach of Fluency Security as a SIEM is different from traditional systems, as it focuses on maintaining a state position of every data and entity as it comes in, rather than just storing and searching using SQL queries.
  • 🕰️The difference between streaming and database analytics is like counting people in a room in real-time versus counting them every five to ten minutes, causing delays and potential missed alerts.
  • 🔄Real-time processing of data can actually use less processors, leading to cost savings compared to traditional methods.
  • 🔍Fluency can provide alerts in just three seconds, while other systems take up to 15 minutes to detect infections.


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