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In this episode, we take each component of Kubernetes and determine how to make it scale. Scott interviews the CTO of PerfectScale on how to optimize Kubernetes deployed applications.

Show Notes

GUEST: Eli Birger

Perfect Scale:

OpenAI – Scaling Kubernetes to 7500 Nodes:

To verify the scalability and performance of the Kubernetes architecture, you can load test each component separately. Here are some guidelines for load testing each component:

Control Plane:

  • API Server: You can simulate a high number of API requests and verify the response time and throughput. You can also test how the API server behaves under high concurrency and load balancing scenarios.
  • etcd: You can perform read and write operations to the etcd store and measure the response time and throughput. You can also test how etcd behaves under different load levels and data volumes.
  • Controller Manager: You can test how the controller manager responds to changes in the cluster’s state and how it manages different controllers. You can also test how it behaves under high load scenarios.
  • Scheduler: You can test how the scheduler schedules containers onto nodes and how it responds to changes in resource availability. You can also test how it behaves under high load scenarios.


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