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An overview of Kubecon 2022.

Air Date: 11/22/2022

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Show Notes:

Scott shares his thoughts on the KubeCon 2022 conference held in Detroit. 

  1. Kubernetes adoption is faster than anyone imagined. It will become the standard for cloud deployed applications in the future.
  2. Kubernetes maturity is faster than expected. People are not just trying to figure out if they should do something, they are dealing with specific issues and need solutions. New vendors are stepping up to supply this.
  3. eBPF is gaining traction for monitoring and observability of cloud-native applications.. Cilium was making heads turn about using it to monitor resource utilization of pods running in a cluster. 
  4. OpenTelemetry has some interesting things on the near horizon, luke RUM (Real User Monitor) telemetry:
  1. There was quite a bit of talk about Platform Engineering in relation to DevOps and the “Devops is Dead” booth made quite a conversation piece. – at 24 minutes into the video you can see Paul Bruce from Tricentis asking a question of the panel. He mentions DevOps topologies.


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