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NearEDGE is a solution for managing and troubleshooting compute infrastructure and software assets – giving remote access to software assets in the cloud, with strong security practices and minimal friction for developers.

GUEST: Claude Robitaille, CEO NearEDGE

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Show Notes

NearEDGE is a solution for managing and troubleshooting compute infrastructure and software assets. It is designed to be secure, reliable, and easy to use.

NearEDGE consists of two components:

  • The endpoint component is a lightweight agent that runs on the endpoint device. It is responsible for collecting data about the endpoint and sending it to the control center.
  • The control center is a web-based application that provides a central location for managing and troubleshooting endpoints.

NearEDGE is designed to be agnostic to the deployment environment. It can be deployed on any device that has an internet connection, including physical servers, virtual machines, and cloud-based instances.


🎯The future of remote access for developers is a topic of discussion, covering various aspects such as security, AI, testing, tuning, optimization, and observability.

🌐There is a need for a lightweight end point that can facilitate remote access in a zero trust environment, allowing developers to efficiently and effectively access resources.

💻The shift towards software-based solutions has led Near Edge to focus on addressing the challenges faced by developers in remote access and management of physical computers.

🤖The agent software used in remote workloads is extremely CICD friendly, allowing for efficient continuous integration and continuous deployment processes.

💻By intercepting native TCP connections, developers can seamlessly use familiar tools like SSH and VS code to access and operate various workloads.

⚙️ The ability to set breakpoints and debug code in real-time using a debugger enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of the development process.

💻Virtual tapping goes beyond traditional network tapping by allowing developers to interact live with applications inside the container, including profiling and other capabilities.

Key Moments

🔮05:32 NearEdge offers a solution called NOAH that allows developers to securely access their software and workloads remotely, reducing the need for extensive deployment involvement. Expand

🔑07:51 Developers can remotely access machines, use tools like VS code and wire shark, and easily find IP addresses without needing to understand the underlying workings by utilizing a gateway for TCP connection transport. Expand

📺11:12 Developers can now debug Python code in containers using VS code without a special agent or VPN, as demonstrated in the video. Expand

🔒13:42 The future of remote access for developers allows for secure and protected data transfer, with control remaining with the infrastructure team and enabling live interaction with applications. Expand

🔒18:01 This solution enables software deployment without internet access by utilizing reverse and forward proxies, allowing for management of the software while restricting traffic to only move through the proxies. Expand

👀19:56 The speaker asks for feedback on whether remote access to software assets in the cloud is the future and encourages viewers to suggest topics for future shows.


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