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Parallel is a new SaaS load testing solution. What makes it different from other products?

Episode: 117
Air Date: 03/28/2023
Title: Load testing with Parallel
GUEST: Yev Spektor

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Show Notes

Scott Moore interviews Yev Spektor, the founder of Parallel

Topics covered:

Tell me about you and your background
What drove you to starting Parallel?
Who is Parallel for – which persona (developer, perf tester, software engineers, non-technical users)?
Explain briefly how the product works (demo)
The real value in any product in this space is in the test results and analysis as this is what should lead you to the underlying reason for performance bottlenecks. What does Parallel provide in the way of analysis and how does it help to locate and pinpoint performance issues?
What is the vision for the product (roadmap)?

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