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Load testing Apache Kafka with the LoadRunner Kafka Protocol. What does it look like? Watch a demo of the protocol in action on this episode.

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Show Notes

What is Apache Kafka? A software platform built for event streaming. What is event streaming? Think of it as a central nervous system for all of your applications to communicate. It captures data in real-time from many sources as events, and allows for later retrieval, manipulation, processing, or reacting from other systems. Netflix, Uber, LinkedIn and many of the Fortune 500 are using Kafka. There are many use cases, but they all require high availability and low latency . If there ever was a use case for load testing, this is the one. So how do we approach load testing?

YouTube video – “Apache Kafka in 5 minutes”
YouTube video – “Apache Kafka in 6 Minutes”
Apache Kafka documentation
LoadRunner Kafka protocol
LoadRunner Kafka test


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