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Five takeaways from the 2023 SRE Report. 

Air Date: 12/06/2022

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Show Notes:

Scott Moore reviews the 2023 SRE Report from Catchpoint and shares his top 5 observations that performance engineers need to pay attention to.


  1. There is a set of “haves” and “have nots”. Top performers are getting a lot of benefit from sound SRE practices within DevOps, but the majority have not reached the level of maturity it takes to see that kind of value.
  2. There are more variations of tools monitoring everything now. AI can be leveraged to try and make sense of it or filter it down, but it is not going to take over for human intelligence in problem determination/resolution. The new model is taking in some existing monitoring tools and building another 30% yourself. Usually from a CNCF project and enhancing it to your needs.
  3. SRE’s are helping organizations reduce toil and increase productivity through automation, but there is still a long way to go.
  4. Within DevOps, SRE, and Platform Engineering there is still a need for a performance focused role that works with these team members. This is getting less and less common, and I foresee problems in the future because of this.
  5. There is a whole section in the document devoted to “blameless culture” and how this impacts productivity and employee satisfaction. It’s about “what is right” not “who is right”, which I completely support. 


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