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How can you automate Application Reliability?

Episode: 108
Air Date: 01/24/2023
Title: Can You Automate Application Reliability?
GUEST: Harjot Gill. Co-founder and CEO of FluxNinja

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Show Notes

How can you automate a response to a sudden spike in load? Can you prepare ahead of time for a point load situation like Black Friday? Aperture is an open source flow control and site reliability management platform from FluxNinja developed to address this problem. Scott Moore interviews Harjot Gill of FluxNinja to talk about how they solve this with flow control.

“Aperture detects service-level objective (SLO) violations and deploys active counter-measures such as concurrency limits to protect against cascading failures.”

Github Repository:

Techcrunch Article: (short video explaining Aperture) – Demo video


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