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The extended Berkeley packet filter (eBPF) is a powerful tool for continuous performance profiling and monitoring of complex systems, providing valuable metrics and insights for performance engineers and enabling early issue detection and resolution in a DevOps culture.

GUEST: Frederic Branczyk, CEO Polar Signals

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Key insights

πŸš€ Frederick Branczyk discusses the benefits of using eBPF for isolating and fixing poor performing code, highlighting its potential for improving performance engineering.

πŸ”„ eBPF is uniquely positioned to capture profiling data, making it a valuable addition to tools like Prometheus for performance analysis and optimization.

πŸ“Š eBPF allows us to capture stack traces and build statistics in real-time, providing valuable insights into the execution of programs.

πŸ’‘ eBPF provides a flexible framework for instrumentation, allowing developers to create custom hooks and perform a wide range of tasks, similar to traditional instrumentation methods.

πŸ’‘ eBPF allows developers to measure various aspects of their code, such as RPC calls and memory allocations, providing flexibility in performance profiling.

πŸ’‘ eBPF enables observability without instrumentation, automatically capturing latency from specific network packets, such as MySQL queries, offering a new approach to performance profiling.

πŸ€” The use of eBPF as a technology for building a profiler allows for selective data collection, ensuring that only the necessary data is gathered, reducing unnecessary overhead.

πŸ—£οΈ Customers have expressed that eBPF is the only way to achieve continuous profiling, highlighting its importance and effectiveness.

Show Notes

Polar Signals Cloud is an always-on, zero-instrumentation continuous profiling product that points you to where in your code CPU time is spent, and helps you maintain an efficient system in the long run. The product is based on the open-source Parca project and is now generally available!


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